The spring cleaning for your social timeline


Archive your social posts and optionally remove those older than 30 days from your timeline.

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FMRL turns "verba volant, scripta manent" on its head
enabling you to take control of your social posts

30 day rolling delete

Select if you would like to delete posts older than 30 days from your timeline. Before deletion, FMRL archives them by adding them into your account.

social update

Searchable archive

All your posts are in a searchable archive for your eyes only. In case you want to come back and use them at any time later.


Everything you need

Save tons of time.

You don't have to browse down your timeline and delete each post manually.

Keep your memories.

Archive your deleted posts and make them searchable in your account.

Increase your privacy.

Don't let old posts lurking in your timeline and risk privacy breaches.

Reduce profiling.

Keep your social profile current and don't let bots and trackers target you.


You pay for a year
and we don't renew your subscription automatically.

All features ever
  • No automatic renewal
€12 / one-time for one year


How much will my account be charged?

You are subscribing to FMRL for a whole year. Thus, your account will be charged with an one-off payment of EUR 12, or the equivalent amount in your local currency. We use Stripe to process payments and all your account data are safely stored only there.

Will my subscription end after the first year?

Yes. We will remind you though in due time that your subscription is about to end and ask you to renew. It will be up to you to decide then if you want to renew your subscription with FMRL.

Can I stop FMRL from deleting my posts if I change my mind?

Yes, of course, by simply deleting the social account you have set-up in your FMRL app accounts section. From this moment onwards FMRL will not be able to delete any posts. You can also revoke permissions of the FMRL app in your social network settings page.

Which social networks does FMRL support?

We support only Twitter for now, but will be adding more social networks soon. Stay tuned.


Increase your privacy and reduce your profiling

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